Product Engineering
Reliable and Agile

Product Engineering

Versatility is the key trait in a team trying to build a product. It in turn calls for agility and agile is more than a methodology, its a mindset! We strive hard to ensure that agility is imbibed into our team from the very beginning and it forms a part of our culture at iConnect. With the aim to create world-class products for our client-partners, we provide specialised services to bring brilliant ideas into reality. They include;

  • Concept understanding and development
  • Studying target users and devising a functional scope for MVP
  • Deciding technologies to be used and architecture design
  • Designing user experience and UI in consultation with experts
  • Using agile iterative development to allow adjustment and corrections
  • Helping in deploying and maintaining the product

Our product engineering team has proven expertise and has built several products ground up including, PurplePi, iSuraksha, MyFieldMate & Promolytics.

And we are ready for our next challenge!