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Mobility Solutions

We have developed expertise in Cross platform mobile development using Apache Cordova.

We use AngularJS, Ionic, Mobile angular ui , HTML 5,  JQuery Mobile frameworks with apache cordova and react-native

Advantages of Apache cordova

  • Single code base for android | IOS | Windows phone  mobile apps
  • Time to market reduces phenomenally
  • Reduction in costs as only one code base to maintain
  • Quick feedback and reduced development cycles
  • Plugin architecture shields app logic from OS services
  • Can integrate with any server side technology JAVA | .NET | PHP | NodeJS Using JSON RESTFul Web Services


Advantages of React Native

  • Apart from all the above aspects react native offers native performance and features on respective platforms while maintaining single source code.
  • Apps are completely native and not hybrid.
  • Component based design means a lot of test automation can be achieved
  • This helps a great deal for faster version upgrades of the app