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Cross platform app development is a very useful strategy for startups to quickly test their ideas and also to build MVP and gather traction and/or funding to take the idea to next level. At iConnect, we have a team of expert developers in Apache Cordova and React Native. It has proven to be an apt technology for the cross platform app development and our clients have tasted immense success using this app development strategy.

We employ other technologies like, AngularJS, Ionic, Mobile Angular UI , HTML 5,  JQuery Mobile frameworks with Apache Cordova and React-native

Advantages of Apache Cordova

  • Single code base for Android | IOS | Windows phone  mobile apps
  • Time to market reduces phenomenally
  • Reduction in costs as only one code base to maintain
  • Quick feedback and reduced development cycles
  • Plugin architecture shields app logic from OS services
  • Can integrate with any server side technology JAVA | .NET | PHP | NodeJS Using JSON RESTFul Web Services

Advantages of React Native

  • Apart from all the above aspects react native offers native performance and features on respective platforms while maintaining single source code.
  • Apps are completely native and not hybrid.
  • Component based design means a lot of test automation can be achieved
  • This helps a great deal for faster version upgrades of the app