Photo Audit Offline App
Reliable and Agile

Photo Audit Offline App

Photo Audit Offline is a completely offline app, which means it does not require data / wifi for its functioning.
User can create multiple site visits. For each site visit , user can add notes . User can also add upto 8 photos per visit. Each photo can be annotated with selected colour marker.

After saving this site visit data as a survey or audit, user can generate a PDF report with all the captured details.
It can be done for multiple site visits by clicking add to pdf button. There are 3 templates of the pdf report to choose from, 1 photo per page, 2 photos per page and four photos per page. based on user’s choice PDF report is generated.

After the PDF report is generated , it can be shared by using email , whats app etc. or it can just be opened for viewing and later can be transffered to pc using USB cable.

We have also given a new function to export all the photos on a site visit. it stores these photos in a separate directory for using with other reports etc.

This is a very useful app for on field surveyors and auditors.