How do you track changes to your product?
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How do you track changes to your product?

Working with a global teams and partners which are not co-located has become a trend these days. This poses a challenge to the product owners / managers to keep control on the changes being made to the product. The key here is to track every change happening to your code, so that a rollback can be opted if required. Sounds ideal right? Is it really possible?

Well many will argue that its no longer a big challenge, and easily possible. I agree to this, provided your partners who works on your code are aware of the tools and practices to support it. I have seen many companies with whom I have worked at different capacities, that there is a lack of basic processes. There is no meaningful connection between their ISO or CMM certifications to the actual processes they follow. Sometimes these things run completely independent of each other, whereas they are intended to reflect each other.

@iConnect our focus was always building a lean development methodology. Our people are still put first to processes, but these processes are their top priority. We picked up only the ones which gave us a significant value . We use processes that give a completely transparent view of whats going on to our customers. And believe me its hard to do, as there is no where to hide.

So how do we do it?

  • We use code repository like git | subversion for each of the project. Thats pretty standard.
  • We use TRAC as our User story & Defect management system. It generates a unique number for each User Story and defect.
  • This instance of TRAC is connected to our code repository.
  • Whenever a developer commits changes to the repo they put a #id in their comment. This is a User story or defect number for which they are trying to commit these changes
  • TRAC is intelligent and connected to our code repo. It can then let us click on the comment #id link and shows us a change set details
  • This way every change committed links back to a defect or User story. So it is easy to understand these changes in a context.

This gives our customers great control over their product and confidence in our team.

Mobility Solutions with Hybrid Mobile Apps – Are you Game?

@iConnect we started working with Mobile Apps about 3 years ago. It was not an early start and we had a few choices to make. We needed to choose the technology stack as a primer.

We had a choice of going Native or adopting Phonegap/Apache cordova for hybrid platform. (there are more platforms, but we stick to these).We built iConnect and its team to help our customers develop products quickly and in a cost efficient manner.

Challenges for a Startup :

  • An important investment to make any startup idea succeed these days is technology and the platform | solution.
  • A lot of resources are also required by a startup for sales and distribution.
  • A quick feedback from market | customers is desirable in shaping up the roadmap of the product | service.

With all these in mind keeping a separate team for every mobile platform and then managing all of them to deliver a working solution is a big challenge. Often overwhelming and leading to extending budgets and timelines. With Apache Cordova platform becoming more stable and more plugins for device interaction getting available, it was a natural choice for us. We could utilise our existing web development skills and deliver quality quickly for our customers.

We could pass on a lot of benefit to our customers with cost as well as time.Our customers could get a feedback from market on a real working poduct rather than just a POC. They could also focus their energy on the core business and its development rather than the technology solution.

There are a few myths around when it comes to UI/UX of the hybrid apps and speed of the apps. A say they are a myth because, it is very subjective and i can find a number of native apps which have similar problems. We have had a lot of success with this technology and are continuing to use it. I recommend it to anyone who is in a dilemma. We will be happy to review your situation and offer any advice based on our experiance.


thanks for reading.

Jaideep Deshmukh

Technical Head – @iconnect